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Standards Aligned

Our learning experiences are aligned to concepts in the K12 CS Framework, Next Generation Science Standards, Singapore MOE Science Syllabus & International Baccalaureate Programme.

Holistic Education

We help kids develop the holistic skills, attitudes & mindsets from the OECD Learning Compass 2030.

Future Inspired

We create awareness of & inspire action towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our Programmes

Programmes for beginners & experienced alike

  • 1
    Coding with Science

    40 lessons of modular content that help Science teachers increase student engagement in their classrooms, offline or online.

    For kids 7-12.

  • 2
    Python in the Real World

    20 lessons of plug-and-play Python programming content, structured to help your students learn, apply and create solutions to real-world problems.

    For kids 11+.

  • 3
    Learn Scratch with Science

    4 modules of structured Scratch coding lessons, put in a Science context to differentiate your classroom. Designed to take your students from zero to one.

    For kids 7-12.

A sample of our curricula

Each project focuses on 1 Science topic, through quizzes, games and videos. Teach students to build Coding projects that bring Science to life, while equipping them with critical Coding learning outcomes.

Life Cycle of Plants

Do you know how different plants look as they grow from seed to young plant and eventually as harvest?

Guess which plants common foods come from, then learn about the 5 growth stages in the plant life cycle. Apply the concept of loops to build an animation of wheat growing in a farm.      

Earth's Seasons

Have you ever wondered why we have seasons on earth?

Discover how the sun affects the change of seasons and reflect on what's unique about each season.

Get creative in Scratch with the pen tool. Build your own painting tool then play a game of "guess the season" Pictionary with your friends!      

Animal and Plant Cells

All living things have cells, but do you know the differences between animal and plant cells?

What are the functions of cytoplasm, a nucleus or mitochondria?

Apply your knowledge of events in Scratch to build a game exploring the functions of each part of a plant and animal cell.      

How our partners use Coding with Science

Our Partners

Our Coding with Science courses are currently rolling out in 10 countries. Our partners range from international schools and enrichment centers, to "unschools" and freelance tutors.

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