Live English Classes in the Metaverse to Become Effective Communicators and Critical Thinkers.

Keep up with the aims of 21st century English language learning. Help your child become more imaginative, confident and adaptable.

  • Created by leading English language educators and researchers in Singapore
  • A safe, facilitated environment for language skills mastery
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Co-designed with NIE Lecturer Dr. Ken Mizusawa

Psst... he's also a published author & playwright!

This programme is co-designed by Doyobi and Dr. Ken Mizusawa, a Lecturer in the English Language and Literature Academic Group at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore, textbook author, and playwright.

Dr. Ken has experience teaching in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) and integrated programme at Dunman High School (DHS), Singapore. He was also the Subject Head of English at DHS, where he designed and implemented the interdisciplinary Language Arts curriculum.

Dr. Ken has published a number of educational titles. The play anthology that he edited in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed (2018), has been adopted as a textbook in over 45 Singapore secondary schools.

Why Learn in the Metaverse?

A virtual world that can be harnessed for education to promote discovery, inquiry, and experiential learning.

It reflects the nature of the 21st century world which is increasingly becoming technology-driven, interactive, and multimodal.

Develops Effective Communicators

Positions students to use a range of language skills to achieve tasks and targets.

Builds 21st Century Competencies

Allows students to develop critical thinking, creativity, collaborative problem-solving and global awareness.

Explores Real World Issues

Quests are based on core language learning themes
  • Self and others
  • Family and friends
  • People and communities
  • Society and culture

Drives Inquiry-Based Learning

Triggers curiosity and encourages students to research, present and reflect.

Communication in the 21st century has changed, so must language learning

English language education in Singapore now require students to navigate videos, posters and other digital media. It is no longer just about mastering traditional language skills.

To be effective 21st century communicators, students must be adaptable, resilient, and inquisitive.

The Doyobi metaverse is designed to be an immersive digital world where students take on roles, complete quests, cultivate relationships, develop communication skills and have fun.

It’s a safe space for discovery, exploration, learning and play.

How holistic development of English language skills works with Doyobi

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Sign your child up for a weekly class in the Doyobi metaverse that suits their schedule.
1.5 hours of online adventures every week.

Online Adventures

Your child joins their first online adventure and starts honing their English language skills through tasks that require exploring, evaluating, gathering, synthesising and co-creating.

Students learn about themselves, learn about others, and learn about the world through interactions with others.

Offline Tasks

In between live online classes, students engage in offline tasks based on the adventure narrative that help them develop core communication skills.

Advice & Feedback

Doyobi facilitators then provide advice and feedback on completed tasks.

21st century English language skills are embedded in the Doyobi metaverse

English becomes much more vital & real with these skills

Quests designed to help students develop core competencies in the Singapore MOE English language syllabus

Doyobi maps to principles and components of the Singapore MOE English language curriculum

Continuous Writing

Foundational for P3/4
Advanced for P5/6

Situational Writing

Foundational for P3/4
Advanced for P5/6

Reading comprehension

Focused on direct questions for P3/4
Direct & indirect questions for P5/6

Grammar and Sentence Construction

Context-dependent, task-driven exercises

Oral Communication

Discussions on problem-based tasks

Parents love that their kids are now enjoying mastering English language skills

“I'm all for fun ways of learning, and writing is a good skill to have. The kid surely doesn't like regular classes.”


“Improvement of composition writing (which my son needs) using novel means that I believe my son will dig.”


“Always up for new ways to jog the brain and get kids inspired. Play-based. Much easier sell to my daughter who won't go to writing courses(boring..).”


“(Gabriella) did mention having to talk to other kids and having more group discussions made the class more fun.”


“Interesting way to get the youth to think both logically/analytically and creatively”

Yu Lin

“(Eli) learnt to work with others in his team and listen to others' ideas.”


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