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Where Kids Learn

Collaborative Problem Solving

Facilitated game-based learning.

Preparing kids ages 8-13 for an uncertain & complex world.

90min online sessions, every week.
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US$90/month. Experience Doyobi risk-free. Full refund if you cancel in the first month.

Experiential Learning Journeys in the Metaverse

  • Exciting storylines set in virtual worlds

  • Crisis simulations modelled on current affairs

  • Student-led, open-ended discussions with an international cohort

  • Age-banded classes where facilitators maintain a respectful, safe and supportive environment for kids to speak up and contribute

The Difference You'll See in Your Child

  • Embraces Failure
    Develop a growth mindset, driven by a curious mind

  • Action Oriented
    Fuelled by purpose & imagination

  • Questioning Mind
    Confidence, backed by clarity and self-awareness

  • Global Perspective
    Listens and values others with an open heart

Skills for every child to thrive

We make your child's education holistic.
Honing transferable skills is just as important as academics. We bridge the gap.

Our curriculum is anchored on the 6Cs

  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Citizenship
  • Confidence

We fuel every child's desire to succeed.

Explore and Discover

Dip your toes in your first virtual world - which quest will you choose?


Engineers and creatives like to take inspiration from their peers’ works, so why not take inspiration from nature? After all, nature has gone through 3.8 million years of evolution, perfecting solutions to many problems, some of which are similar to what humans face now. Through this quest, we expand on our learners’ problem-solving capabilities using the science + art of biomimicry.  

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this quest, learners will be able to:
  • observe, discern and critically analyse nature's innovations that have overcome unique challenges in their environments
  • apply their knowledge in developing innovative ideas for design challenges
  • relate their understanding of the natural world to real-world challenges.


In this quest, learners will be guided on the function and utility of money. They will collaborate on various tasks to help re-establish a town’s economy and welfare in the wake of a disaster.

Rebuilding the town will see learners earning money through various jobs, devise a budgeting plan, and priorities building projects according to wants and needs.

Through this quest, learners will gain the confidence to articulate and share their opinions and begin to understand the value of individual contributions towards group goals.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the sessions, learners will be able to:
  • understand why money has value
  • categorize wants and needs given different context
  • make informed money decisions related to personal goals

Level Up with Elevate

New quests across different domains introduced each month.

Like any other skill, practice makes perfect.

Our mission is to help kids grow into original thinkers, develop self-awareness and a sense of purpose; and recognise the positive impact they can make in the world.

Get oriented in the first month
Deep dive into a variety of topics from the second month on
Power & Influence
Information & Media

Begin Your Adventure

Same day same time every week, for first and subsequent months

4:30 PM TO 6:00 PM
Starting 7th October
10:30 AM TO 12:00 PM
Starting 9th October

Loved by Parents and Kids like You

“(Leon) said instead of someone lecturing on about critical thinking, they make you learn by playing the game itself. Interesting way to get the youth to think both logically/ analytically and creatively”

Yu Lin

Leon's mum

"Doyobi quests help Evan not only to exercise critical thinking, but also to connect with new friends and exercise his leadership. The hypothetical cases and quests were also fun too."


Evan's mum

“Jayden says he is always excited to attend. He likes to observe how others interact and even more so, to complete the missions. He wants to do more.“


Jayden's dad

“(Eli) said it was a cooperative yet competitive game. He said he learnt to work with others in his team and listen to others' ideas. He is looking forward to the next mission next week.”


Eli's mum

“(Gabriella) ENJOYED the class very much and has been thankful that we enrolled her. She did want to reach out to the others and make new friends. Thank you for making learning really fun for the kids.”


Gabriella's mum

“It's really good in terms of meeting its objective. My daughter was feeling like she's really taking ownership of the decisions she's making along the way. She finds it interesting and is engaged throughout.”


Roxii's mum

Simple pricing

Enjoy Doyobi risk free. Get a full refund for any cancellation in your first month.

  • New quests every month
  • Regular parent reports
  • Access to the Doyobi parent community
  • Invites to in-person family events


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