10 years ago we started Saturday Kids, a coding school for kids. Ten years on, we tell people Saturday Kids is a curiosity school for kids. Coding is just a means to an end. Curiosity, imagination and empathy are far more valuable traits.

Doyobi is a spin-off from Saturday Kids that helps kids learn the skills to make their way in the world.

We come up with highly interactive, challenge-based learning experiences in the metaverse that nurture curiosity, creativity and a growth mindset. The virtual, collaborative and task-oriented nature of the Doyobi metaverse allows children to learn without them even realising it, taking classroom engagement to the next level. Our ultimate goal is to equip every child with the learning skills to thrive in a world where change happens exponentially.

Why Is This Important?

The World Is Evolving

65% of kids will work in jobs that don’t yet exist. In order to thrive, our children will need to learn how to cope with ambiguity and be agile in uncertainty.

But The Education System Is Not

The role of the education system is to prepare kids for the future. Yet, schools are stuck in the industrial age and cannot be counted on to meet the evolving needs of our young learners.

Skills That Plug That Gap

Doyobi teaches learning skills that are designed to help kids become more effective learners, preparing them to thrive in a complex, uncertain and ambiguous world.

Founder's Story

In the last 10 years I have invested in close to a hundred tech startups. Speaking to these founders made me realise the people building the next Apple have the best idea of the skills needed today and in the near future. Skills that are not taught in school. So I started going to these founders individually, asking them what's the number one skill they look for when they hire, and working with them to design learning experiences to help kids develop these skills.

School today is still stuck in the industrial age. I feel so strongly about this I took my eldest child out of mainstream education when he turned ten. One and half years (and counting) of unschooling has made him more creative and confident. He is more adept at critical thinking, collaborating and communicating. He sees himself as a global citizen with friends from all around the world. Cameron's personal growth in the last 18 months made the shortcomings of mainstream education all the more apparent to me. With the access I have to tech founders and my journey unschooling Cameron, I can and should help more kids learn the skills that will help them make their way in the world.

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"Civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe." - H. G. Wells

The sooner we fix education, the better the odds of humanity thriving, not just surviving.

Our Team

John Tan

Co-founder &

Penny Gupta

Co-founder &
Head of Product

Shawn Leong

Co-founder &
Head of Tech

Celeste Ang

Senior Learning Experience Designer

Catherine Sutanto

Business Development Intern

Carina Camargo

Learning Experience Designer

Kah Wei

Senior Learning Experience Designer

Pamela Choong

Content Marketing Lead

Muhammad Hilmy Fauzan

Software Engineer

Plub Limpiti

Senior Learning Experience Designer

Ruth Lee

Strategic Communications Lead

Thy Son
Do Dinh

Software Engineer

Ong Kai Le

Software Engineer

Chew Jing Kai

Chief of Staff

Dawn Lim

Finance & HR Executive

Chung Wei Jin

UX Intern

Startup Founders We Work With

Firas Alsuwaigh

Co-founder & CSO,
Ninja Van

Tu Ngo

Co-founder & Chairwoman,  YOLA Education

Oswald Yeo

Co-founder & CEO,

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