How we Started

10 years ago we started Saturday Kids, a coding school for kids. Ten years on, we tell people Saturday Kids is a curiosity school for kids. Coding is just a means to an end. Curiosity, imagination and empathy are far more valuable traits.

Doyobi is a spin-off from Saturday Kids that helps kids learn the skills to make their way in the world.

We come up with highly interactive, challenge-based learning experiences in the metaverse that nurture curiosity, creativity and a growth mindset. The virtual, collaborative and task-oriented nature of the Doyobi metaverse allows children to learn without them even realising it, taking classroom engagement to the next level. Our ultimate goal is to equip every child with the learning skills to thrive in a world where change happens exponentially.

Why Is This Important?

The World Is Evolving

65% of kids will work in jobs that don’t yet exist. In order to thrive, our children will need to learn how to cope with ambiguity and be agile in uncertainty.

The Way We Learn Has To Change

In an ever-changing world, adaptability, resourcefulness and an ability to articulate with confidence will be key to success. We give your children opportunities to develop their self-awareness, cognitive abilities and reframe their mindsets to become more curious and resilient.

For the Future of Learning and Work

Doyobi offers highly interactive, challenge-based learning experiences in the metaverse that nurture curiosity, creativity and a growth mindset. These learning experiences help kids become more effective learners, equipping them with the essential life skills they will use wherever they live, work or play.

Founder's Story

Parenting irrevocably changes your perspective. I speak from experience as a father of five. I’m also passionate and excited about tech; and to date, my investment portfolio has close to a hundred tech startups.

For a long time, I’ve had this vague feeling that our education system is inadequate in equipping our children for life.

We are fools if we believe that mainstream education is sufficient to equip our children for the ambiguities and uncertainties of life. Excelling at standardised testing does not prepare the next generation for the jobs of tomorrow; and who knows what new opportunities will arise in the next five, or ten years? We live in an age of disruption.

In fact, hints of a looming catastrophe in our society have already emerged. Workers are being displaced by automation, companies are begging for talent, yet thousands remain unemployed because the only skills they know are no longer relevant.

Yet, we continue to subscribe to the notion that the attainment of academic qualifications will magically give you a wonderful, meaningful life. That mindset needs to change; and so does the mindset we nurture in our next generation, who should learn how to recognise productive failure, embrace diversity of thought and develop an understanding of global events.

At Doyobi, our Mission is to help kids grow into original thinkers, develop self-awareness and a sense of purpose; and recognise the positive impact they can make in the world.

I’m proud to be a part of it

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"Civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe." - H. G. Wells

The sooner we fix education, the better the odds of humanity thriving, not just surviving.

Our Team

John Tan

Co-founder &

Penny Gupta

Co-founder &
Head of Product

Shawn Leong

Co-founder &
Head of Tech

Celeste Ang

Senior Learning Experience Designer

Catherine Sutanto

Business Development Intern

Carina Camargo

Learning Experience Designer

Kah Wei

Senior Learning Experience Designer

Muhammad Hilmy Fauzan

Software Engineer

Plub Limpiti

Senior Learning Experience Designer

Ruth Lee

Strategic Communications Lead

Thy Son
Do Dinh

Software Engineer

Varchas Koushik

Learning Experience Designer

Chew Jing Kai

Chief of Staff

Dawn Lim

Finance & HR Executive

Ong Kai Le

Software Engineer

Nelson Ng

Founders' Associate

Meyrdian Kristy Saputra

Pixel Artist

Startup Founders We Work With

Firas Alsuwaigh

Co-founder & CSO,
Ninja Van

Tu Ngo

Co-founder & Chairwoman,  YOLA Education

Oswald Yeo

Co-founder & CEO,

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