How the Metaverse has already Changed the World

How the Metaverse has already Changed the World

December 29, 2022
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In 1929, American inventor Edwin Link created the world’s first flight simulator. This was our first step towards a whole new world. One where pilots could reap the benefits of realistic training to equip them for flights in hazardous situations, without risking their lives.

Of course, we also got pretty cool simulation theme park rides thanks to Link’s invention :D

The World's First Flight Simulator Edwin Link's "Blue Box” (credit: Interesting Engineering)

In short, the Metaverse is not something extraordinarily beyond our reach, nor is it some “futuristic” concept that will take decades more to integrate in our society.

Companies in the oil & gas, aerospace, defence, engineering & construction and even retail sectors are already incorporating virtual reality training. Saving them time, effort and resources while injecting a little fun in training their employees.

More importantly, we all know that when learning is fun, we focus better, retain information and apply concepts more effectively.

Making learning fun is part of Doyobi’s DNA.

It’s also what got us started on helping kids master English language skills in the metaverse.

We come across so many kids who dislike reading and writing because they think it’s boring and dreary. But English language learning is actually really exciting because communication practices have changed so much and are continuing to change. The problem is not with the language. The problem is with how it is taught.

‍We asked ourselves what are the ingredients needed to make English language learning more exciting. In the Doyobiverse, kids learn in a language rich environment, discover and explore, make knowledge, engage actively, and work on meaningful tasks with authentic outcomes.

What’s holding you back from exploring?

Honestly, the prospect of the unknown is always daunting.

However, the exploration itself, isn’t.

In pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, to explore, experiment and engage in topics and discoveries that are outside the bubble of your circle, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

After all, without the pursuit of the unknown, the world today will not have some pretty cool theme park rides. Nor will we have mobile phones, sticky notes, play-doh, penicillin. Just to name a few.

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