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"My son learnt to work with others & became more empathetic."
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That Combines Fun & Learning (8-13)

Weekly, 60-minute facilitated sessions where kids ages 8-13 learn strategic thinking through play. No boring lectures.
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Our kids need skills robots can't replace...

Dear parents,

I'm John, the founder here at Doyobi.

I have five kids. I am worried for them because school isn't preparing kids for the future.

Automation & A.I. are quickly taking over existing jobs. In 10-15 years, many jobs will become obsolete.

I started Saturday Kids -- a coding school for kids, thinking that coding will be the future.

But I realised what our kids' generation needs are skills that robots can't replace -- skills such as collaborative problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity.

"To be successful, students must be able to deal with complex and ambiguous problems and, most importantly, collaborate with each other to succeed.”
- Michele Freed, General Manager of Education Experiences, Microsoft

John Tan

Founder and CEO of Doyobi
Obama Leader
Ninja Van Board Member

How Doyobi works

1. Doyobi students engage in collaborative problem-solving games with a facilitator for 60 minutes per week.
2. Tuition fee of $90/month covers four sessions, held weekly.  
3. Once you enrol, we’ll invite you to join an upcoming cohort. New cohorts start every month.
4. Facilitators provide weekly updates on your child’s progress and share lesson highlights.

Kids learn from a wide range of themes & concepts that change every month

Barter & Trade

Financial Literacy
Socio-Economic Literacy

In search of a mysterious treasure, learners set on an adventure and encounter a fearsome dragon, who demands a trade of items equal in value to the treasure.

Our intrepid adventurers explore and source for items they can trade, but alas! The townspeople show no interest, as these objects have no relevance or value to them.

Can creativity and resourcefulness find a way? As learners experience the fun of barter and trade, they develop a deeper understanding of money as a currency and how the economy works.

Influence and Media

Digital Literacy
Future Literacy

Experience a day in the life of Liya, a 12-year old who can’t take her eyes off her iPad! How does technology steal our time? Why can’t Liya resist?

To save her, learners reflect upon tactics that media uses to attract and retain our attention; and brainstorm solutions to free Liya! Will they succeed?

For digital natives, technology is inescapable. Learners discover how to take ownership of their use of technology, manage time wisely and build healthy screentime habits.


Global Literacy
Socio-Economic Literacy

Help Navilan get back home! Navilan has an amazing superpower - he can travel to different worlds, times and even dreams… but he’s lost his memory! How can we get him back to his community?

While hopping between different worlds together, learners discern what aspects of a community are important to them, develop an appreciation of inclusivity and experiment co-creating their own community.

Together, learners will overcome various challenges and collaborate to leverage each others’ unique strengths.

Zombie Apocalypse

Digital Literacy
Socio-Economic Literacy

Zombies have invaded! We must escape and find a way to survive. What resources do we need? What information can we rely on?

Survivors learn the importance of discerning fake news and battle multiple crises to survive. In the process, they begin to understand why it is important to differentiate between “urgency” and “importance”; and strategise how they can best survive.

Learners collaborate with others to survive, recognise the importance of questioning the legitimacy of information; and practise their decision-making skills.


Environmental Literacy
Future Literacy

A town needs your help! Learners roleplay as nature wizards to concoct innovative solutions to restore a town.

Nature wizards can perform magic by mimicking animals and plants – what can we learn from nature’s adaptations that have evolved over thousands of years?

Through case studies of how architects, engineers and scientists have devised solutions based on innovations in nature, learners reflect and discuss how they can solve existing problems, to make a positive impact in the world.

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Parents really like Doyobi

500+ parents are preparing their kids for the future with Doyobi's game-based modules

“(Connor) said instead of someone lecturing on about critical thinking, they make you learn by playing the game itself. Interesting way to get the youth to think both logically/ analytically and creatively”


Connor's mum

“It's really good in terms of meeting its objective. My daughter was feeling like she's really taking ownership of the decisions she's making along the way. She finds it interesting and is engaged throughout.”


Summer's mum

The Difference You'll See in Your Child

What does our schedule look like?

Thursdays 5-6pm
Starts 1st December
Starts 12th January
Fridays 5-6pm
Starts 2nd December
Starts 13th January
Saturdays 11am-12pm
Starts 3rd December
Starts 14th January
Sundays 11am-12pm
Starts 4th December
Starts 15th January
All times stated are in GMT +8

Why parents LOVE Doyobi

"Doyobi quests help Aidan not only to exercise critical thinking, but also to connect with new friends and exercise his leadership. The hypothetical cases and quests were also fun too."


Aidan's mum

“Jayden says he is always excited to attend. He likes to observe how others interact and even more so, to complete the missions. He wants to do more.“


Jayden's dad

“(Nick) said it was a cooperative yet competitive game. He said he learnt to work with others in his team and listen to others' ideas. He is looking forward to the next mission next week.”


Nick's mum

“(Germaine) ENJOYED the class very much and has been thankful that we enrolled her. She did want to reach out to the others and make new friends. Thank you for making learning really fun for the kids.”


Germaine's mum

How much does it cost?

Enjoy Doyobi risk-free. Full refund if you cancel in the first month.

For US$90/month, your family gets:

  • Access to our weekly facilitated game-based learning
  • Progress report of your child's development
  • Exclusive invites to like-minded parents community
  • Free invites to our in-person events to network & learn from each other
  • Global community of other kids to develop deep empathy
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