Where is Liya?

Liya has suddenly disappeared... help find her in this quest about cyberbullying & how students might respond to stop it.

Learning Outcomes

A story of Influence & Media

13-year old Liya has suddenly disappeared, leaving her friends and family dumbfounded. The only thing that might offer up some clues is her iPad, which she normally cannot tear her eyes off.

To help find her, learners get into her iPad and find out surprising information about Liya's invisible struggles with cyberbullying.

  • 1
    Test your investigative skills

    Learners complement this investigation with interviews with Liya's friends and families to understand the real-life impacts of cyberbullying, and what they can do to recognise and fight cyberbullying.

  • 2
    Examine our relationship with devices

    Digital devices offer an ability to immediately and continuously communicate 24 hours aday, so it can be difficult for children experiencing cyberbullying to find relief.

    Learners also participate in conversations about how to take ownership of their use of connected devices & build boundaries with the virtual world.

How it works

Let's break it down.

Students join synchronous 1-hour sessions of online quests facilitated by Doyobi facilitators & ATC's Youth Ambassador Program.

60 minutes per session


4 sessions in Total


Experienced Facilitators


Laptop, Webcam & Internet


Interactive Virtual Space


Zero Textbooks


Let's team up and get your students future-ready

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