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IntroductionCoding with ScienceLearn Scratch with SciencePython in the Real World

Making Python easier to teach

20 lessons of plug-and-play Python programming content, structured to help your students learn, apply, and create solutions to real-world problems.
For kids aged 11+.

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Why use Python in the Real World in your classroom?

Ready-to-use Python content

This course features 20 hours of Python teaching content, applied across a variety of lesson types.

Progressively introduce your students to Python

Our lessons help you introduce students to fundamentals, before applying new skills through projects then creating solutions to solve problems.

Widen your students' horizons

The curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity and creativity through meaningful projects that build awareness of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

How We Structure Python in the Real World

Our lessons follows 3 different structures - Learn, Apply, and Create, easing students into tackling increasingly challenging problems through Python.

Make your Python lessons more fun and interactive

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Doyobi is used in classrooms in 10 countries