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Story driven quests offer immersive context for English skill practice.

Practice skills with real purpose to persuade, negotiate, communicate with their fellow adventurers.

Develop holistically with an emphasis on teamwork, communication, leadership skills that go beyond any classroom.

What is Doyobi?

Skills not Drills

Practical English skills for true literacy & effortless learning

Think Critically

Discern between the crux and the fluff. Inquiry-based learning for lifelong common sense.

Listen Carefully

It's never in one ear and out the other. Listen to decode verbal and nonberbal cues.

Read Purposefully

Quality and meaning take precedence over quantity. Read less, learn more.

Write Creatively

Student-led discussions that mimic real-life situations. Persuade, negotiate and debate like a pro.

Speak Confidently

Craft narratives that move mountains. Make an impact.

Learn the literacies of the future

Monthly themed adventures that connect your learning to the real world


Learners expand their horizons by taking on the quest of the month.

ONGOING: FROM mar 2023
Future Literacy

Rise of the Robots

Our interstellar travellers visit Solaris, the world where A.I. and robots appear to co-exist harmoniously with humans. A young boy James has called us because his trusty robot butler Alfred has gone missing!

To solve this mystery, learners will

  • revisit the life of Alfred and explore Solaris to find clues
  • examine the relationships between people, A.I. and robots
  • use their critical thinking skills to trade information

What happens when we become overly reliant on technology? We find out, as we traverse different communities and observe how they use technology.

What you'll learn
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Past : FEB 2023
Future Literacy

Mystery & Crime

Get ready to be transported to a world of mystery and suspense, where the answer to the crime is not what it seems! A famous scientist has requested our help to find the thieves behind the theft of the Ourostone, but only the most observant and curious will uncover the truth.

To solve this crime, learners will

  • carry out primary and secondary research
  • examine diverse sources of information in written and audio format
  • cross-reference and check the reliability of the information

Dig deeper beyond the first impressions to discern true intentions. Can you solve this mystery?

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Past : Dec 2022
Environmental Literacy

Sustainability & Climate Change

All aboard! It’s time for an adventure on the high seas! We take refuge on a mysterious island, whose ecosystem is in danger.

To restore the balance, learners will

  • recognise how the lack of context can lead to misperceptions
  • carry out primary and secondary research
  • construct a persuasive narrative to convince multiple stakeholders to take action

Learners will also discuss how our actions and decisions affect the environment and our well-being.

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Past : nov 2022
Digital Literacy

Influence & Media

Experience a day in the life of Liya, a 12-year old who can’t take her eyes off her iPad! How does technology steal our time?

To save her, learners will

  • reflect upon the use of visuals, audio and storytelling to attract attention
  • go on a fact-finding mission to learn more about Liya
  • examine diverse sources of information in different formats

Learners will also discuss how to take ownership of their use of technology and build healthy screentime habits.

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Past : oct 2022
Global Literacy

Community & Self

Help Navilan get back home! Navilan has an amazing superpower - he can travel to different worlds, times and even dreams…

To help Navilan return home, learners will

  • observe different communities and listen to a broad range of perspectives
  • articulat their own ideas about inclusivity and shared community values
  • think about how language can pull people together or push them apart

Together, learners will experiment co-creating their own community and collaborate to leverage each others' unique strengths.

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past : sep 2022
Financial Literacy

Barter & Trade

In search of a mysterious treasure, learners set off on an adventure and begin to question what it means for something to be valuable.

Through barter & trade, learners will

  • learn how to negotiate effectively
  • listen to the needs, concerns and preferences of others
  • appreciate how language can affect perception of value

Beyond its cost price, what other factors influence a price tag? We find out!

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