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Can complex challenges in the metaverse really be fun?
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Why We Started A Parent Community

Parenting can feel exhausting, often rendering us to wonder if we are giving our kids our very best. This constant challenge is something that we truly understand and is the reason for our community's existence! We provide that support and are building a community of like-minded parents who want to do right by their kids, by providing them with opportunities so they can always be at their sharpest.

We provide the space and occasions for parents to gather, to learn more about education, to discuss prospects, to try new things and definitely to take a breather. All so that parents can also consistently sharpen themselves so they can be in their best form to take the same journey with their kids.

Upcoming Event: 23 July 2022

Look out for our highly-anticipated, family-friendly metaverse carnival of the year!

Guided tours to learn more about the Doyobi metaverse.
Exciting activities for some wholesome family fun.
Gain insights from education experts and fellow parents.

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