August 31, 2022

You Loved it but We made it Better

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A sneak peek into the exciting Quests we’ve launched! Explore, learn and sharpen skills you’ll use for life!

As parents and educators at heart, we’re super passionate about creating learning experiences that transform learning. We had incredibly encouraging reviews from the first round, but we challenged ourselves to raise our game. Here’s how we’ve made it great.

Look forward to

👉🏼 Exciting Quests for students to explore how the world works

👉🏼 Gaining an understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of relationships, politics, media, economics and technology

👉🏼 More class timings and age-banded classes


Starting September, our adventurers will be entering the Doyobi Metaverse to embark on either one of these two Quests.

Nature-Inspired Innovation - Identify traits and functions organisms have developed to survive and expand problem-solving capabilities using the science and art of biomimicry.


Barter and Trade - Through role play, gain the confidence to articulate, represent different stakeholder interests and recognise the value of individual contributions toward short and long-term group goals.

Join us to experience these amazing learning experiences


*New students enjoy the first month free!

Building Skills for Your Tomorrow

Doyobi remains true to our Mission of helping kids grow into original thinkers, develop self-awareness and a sense of purpose; and recognise the positive impact they can make in the world.

We achieve this by challenging kids through open-ended conversations and collaborative problem-solving in the metaverse.

If this is your first time dipping your toes into the Doyobi Metaverse, here are some highlights we were pretty chuffed about.

Wow! You scrolled to the end! If you still need MORE information, read more about our programme here.


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