August 2, 2022

Is the Doyobi Metaverse safe?

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Each Metaverse is dictated by the rules and limitations set by its platform.

The Doyobi Metaverse is a closed metaverse, i.e. only students who have enrolled into our classes would be allowed to attend. Our facilitators also consistently remind participants of our ground rules to encourage positive behaviour.

Why the Metaverse?

In the industrial era, the school system was remarkably effective.

Core subjects were identified and a syllabus was structured to equip students with the most important and relevant skills, such as basic literacy and numeracy. In lieu of the automated robots and processes we have today, most industries required a large workforce that was able to follow tried-and-true instructions and replicate actions quickly.

Now, that has changed. New innovations and technologies have disrupted how we live, work and play.

A sneakpeek into the classroom experience in the Doyobi Metaverse

The world needs empathetic, creative thinkers. We at Doyobi see potential in the metaverse as a virtual world, one where students can meet peers from all over the world and collaboratively problem-solve and testbed solutions, all while exploring and learning how to communicate effectively in an online space.

Building Essential Skills for Positive Impact

Our classes are structured to specifically create opportunities for every student to nurture the six key skills we believe are essential for an unpredictable future.

Beyond the first month, parents have been pleasantly surprised to see their children

  • Take a more considered, holistic approach in decision-making
  • Have greater confidence in taking initiative to solve problems without instruction
  • Demonstrate an ability to process and manage feedback into actionable steps
  • Become self-driven as they find meaning and purpose

Most importantly, the students we teach feel empowered to take greater ownership in their learning journey, pursue their passions and explore how they can make a positive impact in their communities.


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