November 22, 2022

How Technology Is Reshaping How Kids Learn

Su Vanderput
2 min read

The metaverse. A concept that leaves most parents unsure of how they feel about it. Our children, however, are already living in it and playing in virtual worlds such as Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite, just to name a few. As our children spend an increasing amount of time in the metaverse, the way we teach our children to interact and behave in the digital world will lay the foundations for their future. The work environment our children will graduate into is likely to be predominantly virtual. Digital literacy and online etiquette are skills kids need to start learning today.

The Doyobi metaverse is a closed virtual world that where students take on roles, use their imagination, criticality and creativity to complete different and engaging tasks. Through play and exploration, students practise writing with clarity, speaking with confidence and articulating their ideas. They also learn different forms of literacies - media literacy, global literacy, future literacy, digital literacy, financial literacy, environmental literacy and socio-economic literacy.

The Doyobi metaverse is *the* online world where your child can hone English language skills, develop different forms of literacies, and learn to interact and collaborate with other people online.

A parent community to explore how technology impacts how our kids learn.

The next generation are digital natives by default. Sharpening Minds is a parent community formed to explore and discuss how we can equip our kids for a digital future.
We’ll be sharing and discussing topics like:

- positive screentime
- online communication
- gaming platforms

as well as general topics such as web3 and A.I. and how they impact our children’s education.

We warmly encourage everyone to share your thoughts, resources and opinions.

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